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Violetta Music Adventure

3.39 usd

Introducing Violetta Music Adventure, the official Violetta game!Live through the series's excitement with Violetta, in this fantastic adventure through first love, friend trouble, music and singing!
You are Violetta! Explore Studio On Beat, chat to Francesca, Leon, Tomas and Diego, and have fun with Camilla, Maxi, Andreas, Federico and everyone else!…but watch out for Ludmilla! She's always ready to ruin the day for the other kids in Studio On Beat!Go back home and with Angie's help save daddy Herman from Jade's plots!
Every day in the game you can find new missions to complete, heart troubles, friends to help, problems or fun situations! Speak to the other characters, find objects, deliver presents and foil evil plans!!…and at the end of the day, take part in the Studio On Beat SINGING CONTEST with Violetta's OFFICIAL MUSIC!
THE GAME WITH THE BEST OF THE SERIESYou are Violetta! Speak to the characters, and solve all the challenges.You are Violetta! Speak to the characters, and solve all the challenges.Who will you fall in love with? Leon, Tomas or Diego?Explore Violetta's HOUSE, her room, the park, the singing room, the theatre, the music room… all the locations of the TV series!The characters of the series!Includes the ORIGINAL series music, that you can sing along to in the SINGING CONTEST!The best of the series in this exclusive game.
Love, music, passion and a lot of friends!Violetta is waiting for you to live her adventures!